For the past six months, I’ve volunteered with the No on Referendum 1 campaign to raise local funds and inform our community about the real-world consequences of Referendum 1. Like many of you, my wife and I have deep roots here in this place we call home. We’ve raised our kids, built our careers, and plan to spend the rest of our lives here. 

Unfortunately, the supporters of Referendum 1 failed to give residents an accurate picture when they qualified it for the June 4th ballot. Many concerned residents signed the Referendum 1 petition without full knowledge of its impacts. We launched NORef1 because we heard too many stories of confusion and concern.

Fundraising locally 

Local issues like these demand local fundraising. That’s why we organized community fundraisers and house parties in the Shields Valley, in Emigrant, and in Gardiner. We conducted countless conversations over coffee, over the phone, and on Zoom. We even put a donate button on our website. 

The community response has been positive. Locals of all stripes stepped up to volunteer their time and donate what they could. Our campaign has seen incredible support from small business owners, furniture makers, architects, educators, and retirees. People have contributed regardless of political identity. 

My favorite donation is from a local developer who attended our first community fundraiser out of curiosity. He listened. He learned. He handed over a check and said it was important for local residents to continue to have a voice and tools to control their future amidst growth. 

It’s Go Time 

Thanks to our grassroots fundraising effort we’ve been able to pay for yard signs, highway signs, and have even produced and launched a local ad campaign. 

You may have seen some of these ads on your social media feed. They feature short video testimonials from local residents about our shared values and way of life. They also highlight real world concerns, like the fact Referendum 1 harms funding for rural roads and bridges and negatively impacts emergency response times. 

I encourage you to watch some of these ads below. I think my favorite line is from Dorothy Bradley, who lives outside of Clyde Park: “I still think we have that chance in Park County to keep it as beautiful as it is,” she says.

And isn’t that why we ultimately care? We still have a chance here. We all love this place.  Let’s keep decisions about our future in local hands. Vote NO on Referendum 1. 

Thanks for your continued support!

Colin K Davis, Treasurer

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