Locals for Local control

No on Referendum 1 is a committee of Park County residents dedicated to protecting local control and our local way of life by educating residents about the consequences of Referendum 1.

NO on Referendum 1 Supporters:

We are made up of local small business owners, landowners, producers, neighbors and other taxpayers concerned about Referendum 1.
Collin Davis portrait

Colin K Davis

We can’t afford to vote away our local control. I helped found No on Referendum 1 to ensure local people can continue to make a living in Park County and can participate in decisions about its future. Referendum 1 would have many negative impacts on our quality of life and we can stop it together.

Meagan Lannan and Husband portrait

Meagan Lannan

As fourth generation producers, we are proud to call Park County our home and to raise the next generation in a place where agriculture, wide open spaces, and wildlife still define a way of life. We realize that if we want to keep things the way they are, we need a local plan informed by local voices. Our growth policy provides the community the opportunity and venue for neighbor-to-neighbor conversations about how we wish to grow. We can not support Referendum 1 because it would remove critical conversations with the people that live and work in the valley.  We are voting no on Referendum 1 so we can have the opportunity to discuss the future with our neighbors.

Nathan Varley Portrait

Nathan varley

I’ve lived in Park County most of my life. I love it, but have seen a lot of alarming changes. I believe a growth policy is just common sense and helps guide how we want to grow.  Without it, we risk eroding the very reasons we live here. Let’s vote NO on Referendum 1 so local residents can continue to have a voice in our future.

Pete and Carol Reed

Pete & Carol Reed

My husband and I are voting NO on Referendum 1 because we support a growth policy that will maintain the natural beauty and the public’s safety in rural Park County. The past 10 years we have watched extensive population growth without guidelines.  Having good guidelines is the key to maintaining the beauty and health for our respected North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park and the residents of rural Park County.  We must do everything we can to protect our clean water from unmitigated growth and more demand for limited resources. 

NO on REF 1 Hero with Park County mountain range in the background during the fall

John & Bernice Gillespie

As 45-year residents of Montana and as 14-year residents of Park County we feel it is essential to “just say no” to repealing the Park County Growth Policy.  We greatly appreciate the full range of personalities and ideas – often quite unique – in Park County.   Having traveled extensively, we can say quite confidently: “there is no place like our own backyard”.  “There is no place like home”.

Let’s face it: Having no growth policy is actually a default policy that allows willy-nilly development anywhere, any time. It tolerates unrestricted and unlimited development with no consideration of common-sense land use appropriately segregated for unique purposes. Not good vision.  Not smart management.  It ignores the future.  It invites dust and smoke, congestion and crowding.  It protects no one – not the rancher and not the seasonal worker. Like a highway without signs or regulations, abandonment of the Park County Growth Policy would be a wreck waiting to happen.

NO on REF 1 Hero with Park County mountain range in the background during the fall

Rick Wollum

Protecting our local voice is a no brainer.  Open space, clean water, and our rural way of life are paramount for our communities and a healthy environment.   We can’t give that away in favor of uncontrolled development. A growth policy ensures we at least have a say and some input amidst all this growth. Vote no on referendum 1.
Pete and Carol Reed

Dorothy bradley

I urge my fellow rural residents not to chuck the Park County GROWTH POLICY. I am certain that one thing we all have in common is our love for this beautiful land.  We need the Growth Policy to help us pass on what we love.  For example, we might decide we want to write a plan to protect a certain pocket of groundwater.  We have that option only once.  Polluted groundwater, or polluted anything, is not what we want as our legacy. 

NO on REF 1 Hero with Park County mountain range in the background during the fall

Frank O’Connor

I think Park County is going to change drastically. I think there’s going to be more and more people here. It’s a beautiful place to live, but it’s just going to get bigger and bigger. Unless we have something in the toolbox to work with, it’s going to be whatever the people with money want it to be.

NO on REF 1 Hero with Park County mountain range in the background during the fall

Malou Anderson-Ramirez

I love Park County. I was born here and grew up here. I’ve lived here most of my life and now I’m raising my kids here too. Every day, I wake up and am grateful for the clean air, clean water, and open space surrounding the land in Park County. I’m grateful to be able to conserve and protect agriculture, our rural way of life, and in a wild, diverse landscape.  Park County needs our voice. I urge you to Vote No on Ref 1 to protect the Park County Growth Policy. 
Baby fawn and heron standing together in a field in Montana

Locals for Local Control

If you are interested in joining us, please let us know.