You may have heard the news that the Park County Commission will proceed with an update to the county growth policy. You may also be wondering what this means for Referendum 1. The short of it is, nothing changes. We still need to vote NO on Referendum 1 when we cast our June 4th ballots. Continue reading to learn why. 

At their meeting this week, the Park County Commission voted to move forward with updating the Growth Policy. The Planning Department will now move ahead and apply for funding to conduct an update of the growth policy. We’re glad to see the commissioners recognize the importance of the foundational document, both for providing a vision for the future and for its importance in applying for future grant funding. 

Despite this news, it is still incredibly important to Vote No on Referendum 1. 

Updating the Park County Growth Policy is expected to take at least three years. If Referendum 1 passes, Park County will be left with no growth policy during a time of unprecedented growth pressure. Simply, we’d be caught with our pants down.

Going three to five years with no county growth policy is a recipe for poorly planned development, increasing growth and traffic, and negatively impacting our water and wildlife. Park County would also be vulnerable to wealthy developers who want to convert ranches into luxury resorts and turn the place we call home into a playground for the ultra-rich.

Repeal also means we would immediately become less competitive for grants to help fund things like roads, bridges and community projects.

Commission Chairman Clint Tinsley said the county has 264 bridges, and at least half of them need work. 

“The time is now for us to get moving,” Tinsley said.

Tinsley said during his time at the county, they have received $56 million in grants, many of which were made possible by the Growth Policy. 

Once again, not a single member of the public spoke against updating the Growth Policy. Commissioner Mike Story voted against the update because he said we need to wait until after June, but the other commissioners said there is no reason to delay.

Please join us in voting NO! You can support NO on Referendum 1 by signing up to volunteer, get a yard sign, make calls or more


Thanks for your continued support!

For Park County,

Colin K Davis, Treasurer


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